Cumbria Hotel Photography

It’s tricky to know how to market myself with specialisms as diverse as adventure photography and hotel photography.  They are two disciplines with very different techniques, audiences, and clients.  But there is a centre-point that connects the two and makes my choice of subjects seem more logical, and that is travel photography.


My life of adventure started by working in the travel industry, initially in ski chalets, so the focus was perfectly logical to me.  The overarching principle, from a commercial point of view is to evoke desire in the viewer, to make them place themselves in a photo whether it’s clinging to the side of a mountain or lazing in a four-poster bed.


You might think I enjoy adventure photography much more than hotel photography – on the face of it, it’s more exciting and more universally appealing to a viewer.  But from a photographers’ point of view the two things complement each other well.  I love to find form and shape in nature, but this is nicely balanced for me in the geometry of architecture.  Photographing a hotel room presents its own challenges of perspective, and composition, and balancing soft lines with hard.


In particular Lake District hotel photography offers a beautiful combination of the two disciplines; for commercial purposes it is essential to remember why people want to holiday in this area, and shooting hotel exteriors makes this abundantly clear.  This is why I’m so excited to be offering elevated photography in the Lake District.


Perspective is so important in imagery, and to be able to offer something unusual is a bonus.  To be able to offer an aerial perspective, to all at once take in the whole of a building in the context of its grounds, and the full sweep of its surroundings, is priceless.

I’ve only just started my adventures with elevated photography, but I can’t wait to get stuck in. Onwards and upwards!



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