Fatbike Mont Blanc

Fatbikes are misunderstood, but Geoff Harper gets it. He’s planning to cycle the Tour du Mont Blanc, in winter, on his 9:Zero:7 Whiteout Carbon.

Geoff Harper and his Whiteout Carbon

Geoff Harper and his Whiteout Carbon

It’s never been done before, and I’m seriously excited to be partnering with Geoff to provide what promises to be some stunning imagery and the story of this unique challenge. Fatbikes have their naysayers, primarily because people insist on riding them to work so they look cool (or foolish dependent on your perspective). But this challenge is what they’re built for. Despite having no suspension, they’re mountain bikes. For mountains. And we hope this project will put the whole fatbike phenomenon in the right context; extending what is possible on a bike when the mountains are cold.

Training on Petit Balcon Sud

Training on Petit Balcon Sud

There are many variations of the TdMB, but all take in 3 countries, around 170km, and 10km of ascent/descent. Anyone who’s tried to ride a bike on snow will have some idea what winter conditions will add to this undertaking.

For the time being, Geoff is training and I’m shooting as much of it as I can – keep up with his progress via his blog at http://907montblanc.com/ and check out his phenomenally lightweight bike at http://907bikes.com/. And get ready for alpinism on wheels.

Descending to Chamonix

Descending to Chamonix


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