Taken from http://www.danielwildeyphotography.com/links.html

ProfileA one-man chairlift was a dramatic introduction to the mountains.  Even aged 11 the scale and solitude was not lost on me as I continued up and up and more and more peaks revealed themselves on the horizon.  That first impression has influenced my adventure photography – I rarely approach a shoot in a documentary style because for me the arena of outdoor sports is the primary appeal, I want to show adventure in the context of the landscape and the elements.  This works well for commercial purposes too, the viewer wants to see beautiful places, and wants their gear to help them get there.

For 2 years I was the photographer for Collett’s Mountain Holidays in the Italian Dolomites.  Collett’s is both a holiday company and an adventure company, and it taught me an important distinction; most travel imagery has to be ‘accessible’ and to encourage the viewer to see themselves in the picture.  By contrast the outdoors industry often requires ‘aspirational’ imagery, showing extreme situations, and giving the feeling that the product will help the viewer achieve their dreams and aspirations.  Collett’s helped me understand the commercial implications of this distinction and when to allow the themes to overlap.

Since 2012 I have been based in Cumbria, focussing on Lake District hotel photography and on expanding my adventure portfolio, which has attracted many new clients from the outdoor industry. I have written on adventure travel for various blogs and publications, become a regular contributor at Church of the Open Sky, and have branched out into video production too (links below).

My only goal is to continue to inspire people to travel and to adventure; maybe I can inspire your customers?


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